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San Cristóbal de las Casas


  • Chiapas ranks 6th in Mexico in lack of access to health services.

  • In Chiapas, only 13.6% of the population is affiliated with IMSS or ISSSTE and 69.4% has access to the services of the Ministry of Health.

  • 76.4% of the population in Chiapas lives in poverty, of which 29.7% are in extreme poverty.

  • In Mexico, ethnicity, class and gender produce inequality and inequity which are reproduced in forms of discrimination and mistreatment in different areas and institutions, including health services during medical care.

Momentum for transformation

Given the barriers and irregular quality of public health services, we developed IXCHEL , a medical and logistical support model that seeks to improve people's experience when using their health services.

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